bumper scuff repair Leicester

Bumper scuff repair Leicester on a BMW

bumper scuff repair Leicester A Saturday morning in Oadby, Leicester repairing a rear bumper scuff on a BMW. The owner had come back to his parked car to find that someone had clipped it whilst pulling out of the space behind – needless to say they did not leave their name. He was though delighted…

How the other half live

Today in Anstey we were treated to a little bit of luxury living. Not only were brought out a cup of steaming hot coffee but the kind hearted customer also brought out a coffee table to put it on. ‘To save you having to bend down” he said. Not a bad way to repair his…

Plastic Trim Damage Leicester

A Smart Repair in Leicester

It’s not all bumper scuffs and scratches in Leicester – sometimes it is door trims that need repairing. Today we had a Ford Focus that a previous owner had tried to paint himself. Not his best moment So the new owner called us in to make all good again