Big Cat At The Car Vet – Jaguar Gets A Smart Repair

An old Jag had picked up a little bit of damage across the top of it’s wing and onto the bonnet Now generally we steer clear of bonnets for a number of reasons – but if the area is close to an edge and in a favourable colour then we may well be able to…

Bentley Bumper Repair – Scuff Sorted

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Bumper Scuff Repair In Leicester – Call Today

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Leicester Car Paint Repair – Happy Porsche 911 Owner

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Bumper Repair Leicester – Send Us 1 Or 2 Pictures For No Obligation Advice

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Success – Caring For A Lambo – Mobile Paint Repairs On A Beast

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Problem No 1 – Somebody Hit My Car! – Bumper Repairs In Leicester – Ask For Our Free Advice Today

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It’s Black And White – Dire Scrapes Will Fix Your Bumper Scuff

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Bumper Scuff? Our Mobile Paint Repair Service Is The Solution

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Cars Feel Pain Too – Bumper Scuff Repair Near Loughborough

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McLaren Mirror Repair – Scuff Repairs To Your Car In Leicester

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Keep It In The Family – Bumper Repairs – Car Paint Repair

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OUCH!!! Who Put That Post There??? – Bumper Repair Leicester

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Silver Rear Bumper – Small Scratches Repaired At Home

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White Range Rover Bumper Repair

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Mercedes Bumper Repair – Leicester Hinckley Ashby And More

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Lease Return – Scratch Repair – Leicester

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Porsche Bumper Repaired – Mobile Paint Repair

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Mini Mirror Made Marvellous – Scuff Sorted

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VW Bumper Repair

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Bumper Scratch Repair In Leicester

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Fiat Bumper Damage Repaired – Leicester Paint Repair

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Fiat Bumper Scuff Repair – Paint Scratches Fixed In Leicester

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Bumper Repair Leicester – High Kerb Low Bumper

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Danger!!! – Gate Posts Will Attack – But We Can Fix The Damage

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A Small Scratch – Car Paint Repair Leicester

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Step Away From The Jet Wash – Car Paint Repairs

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Who Put That Wall There? – Scuffs And Scratches Repaired Leicester

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Paint Scratch On My Lease Car – Mobile Car Paint Repairs

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Car Scratch Repair – Leicester – Also Hinckley Coalville Lutterworth Loughborough And Everywhere Else

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Essential Car Care – Scuffs Sorted In Leicester And Beyond

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Car Paint Repair – Scuffs And Scrapes – Paint Repairs

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Ending Your Lease Soon? Get Your Scuffs Sorted – Car Paint Repair

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Leicester Bumper Repair – Porsche Paint Scratches Repaired

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Car Paint Repairs Leicester – Covid Will Not Stop Us

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Leicester mobile car paint repair – fiesta fixed

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Bumper Scuff Repairs – It’s What We Do

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Home Repair Disaster – Dire Scrapes Saves The Day – Car Paint Repair Leicester

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Dire Scrapes – Car Paint Repair – Bumper Scratch

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Car Paint Repairs – Paint Repairs At Home

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Car Scratch Repairs Leicester – Scuff Repairs – Mobile Paint Repairs

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Get Your Bumper Scuff Repaired – Leicester Car Paint Repair

Car Paint Repair Leicester Hinckley Lutterworth Coalville. Warwickshire. Bumper scuffs and car scratch repair. mobile car paint repair

Lease Car Return – Car Paint Repairs In Leicester – Also Cover Hinckley Loughborough Lutterworth And Beyond

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Bumper Paint Repair Leicester and Beyond

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Tesla Bumper Repair – Shepshed Loughborough Ashby Coalville Car Paint Repair

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Car Paint Repair Leicester – Coalville Ashby and Loughborough

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Leicester Car Paint Repair – Bumpers Repaired On Site

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Bumper Repair Leicester And Bumper Repair Coalville

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Car Paint Repair – Leicester Hinckley Lutterworth Coalville

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Leicester Car Body Repairs – Scuffs, Scratches and Chips Away

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Car Body Repairs In Leicester Hinckley and Lutterworth

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Leicester and Leicestershire Car Body Repairs – Mobile Paint Repair

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Hinckley & Nuneaton Car Body Repairs

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Leicester Car Paint Repair

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Leicester Bumper Scuff Repair – Leicester Scratch Repair

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Bumper Scuff Repairs Leicester

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Car Paint Repair Leicester – Toyota Bumper Scratch

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Car Paint Repair Leicester

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Car Scratched? Car Paint Repairs Leicester

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Leicester Car Paint Repair – Bumper Scuff

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Peugeot bumper scuff Leicester

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Paint Repairs Hinckley

The world is full of danger for motorists. Car Parks Gate Posts Garage Doors Other drivers All these and plenty more beside can cause damage to your car paintwork Scuffs and scratches are easy to collect But Dire Scrapes will heal your pain Coming to your home or workplace we will repair and paint the…

Paint Repair Leicester

With Christmas only a few short weeks away we at Dire Scrapes are pleased to announce that we are here to help Yes – we are experts at wrapping So while you worry about sorting the presents and stuffing the turkey let us take care of wrapping your car As you can see from the…

Paint Repairs Leicester

if you have a car then odds are you will have a scuff on it Maybe not today Maybe not tomorrow But one day you will And that’s the day you should call Dire Scrapes Fixing scuffs is what we do At home At work We come to you and fix your paint We wont…

Paint Repair Leicester

Got one of these? Annoying isn’t it? But don’t despair Why? Because if you live in Leicester we can help One call to Dire Scrapes is all you need We will come out to your home or business and repair your scuff No drama It really is as simple as that Call 07802685869 Today

Car Paint Repair Leicester

Got a car? Got a scuff? If you have one then the odds are strong that you will at some point get the other Thats where Dire Scrapes come in We are experts at repairing your bumper scuffs We are mobile so will come to you Our repairs are normally quick – under 2 hours…

Leicester Car Paint Repair – Scuff Repairs

When a Ford C Max was taken for a drive along a wall there was only going to be one winner The wall But don’t celebrate too quickly Mr Wall Because this particular owner had the good sense to call Dire Scrapes And in next to no time And for a bargain price It was…

Leicester Paint Repairs – Mobile Bumper Scuff Repair

Got one of these? Or these? or even these? Well worry not For if you live in Leicester Hinckley Ashby Market Harborough Lutterworth Loughborough Market Bosworth Blaby Melton Coalville Groby Evington Oadby South Wigston Birstall or anywhere else thats in and around Leicester and Leicestershire Then a call to Dire Scrapes is all you will…

Paint Repairs Leicester – Mobile – Scuffs And Scratches

Paint repairs in Leicester. If you have scuffed a bumper in Evington Scraped an arch in New Parks Or scratched a mirror in Belgrave Then Dire Scrapes are the people you need to call A mobile paint repair van will come to you anywhere in Leicester or Leicestershire and the paint repair man will repair…

Car Body And Scratch Repair – Coalville And Ashby

If you have a scratch, scrape or scuff on your car or van and you live in the Coalville or Ashby areas then you are luckier than you think. This is because you have one of our Dire Scrapes mobile paint repair vans in your area So a simple call to 07802685869 is all you…

Car Body Repairs Coalville Ashby

Car body repairs in Coalville and Ashby are carried out at your home or workplace by Dire Scrapes Bumper scuffs Wheel arch scrapes No problem to us Our mobile paint service will carry out a top repair at a top price at your convenience So if you are in the Leicestershire area please give us…

Hyundai Bumper Scuff Repair – Hinckley Nuneaton Area

Bumper scuff repairs are the main task that we perform If you have scraped your bumper corner on a wall If you have scratched your bumper on a gate post Or if you have had your bumper damaged in a car park Then Dire Scrapes are the people to call Our mobile Smart repair service…

Car Paint Repairs – Desford, Huncote, Stoney Stanton

Last week we were called out to a few addresses all within the LE9 area of Leicestershire. We were asked to repair bumper scuffs Scrapes on wheel arches A plastic black textured door trim And a scratched mirror All attended to by on of our mobile paint repair vans So if you live in any…

Bumper Paint Repair – Dog Scratches In Wigston

Calling all dog owners Your lovable pooch is always eager to go on a road trip with you But it is not too good at watching where it’s feet go So the top of the rear bumper will pick up loads of claw scratches If this is a lease car then you will likely be…

Leicester Smart Repairs

It’s not always about paint repairs We were asked to brighten up some headlights on a ‘more mature’ Toyota It made a nice change from our usual paint repairs and we were all happy with the outcome. Dirty, faded headlights can lead to an MOT failure so it is worth checking with us to get…

Honda Smart Repair Lutterworth – Bumper Scuff

White Honda CRV  – Pearlescent paint – Bumper scuff repair We sent one of our mobile paint repair vans out to near Lutterworth to sort out a scuffed rear bumper Damage was not too bad so we carried out a quick and cost effective paint repair that left a gleaming car and a smiling owner.…

Small Paint Repair – Leicester

Parking sensors A couple of replacement sensors were needed on a VW We were asked to paint them before being fitted A small job but we were happy to oblige Mirrors Sensors Covers Colour coded trim Anything that needs paint on your car we will try our best to do Call us in Leicester Loughborough…

Small Paint Repair – Coventry Warwickshire

It doesn’t really matter how big or small the paint damage on your car is – if it bothers you then it is a problem So call Dire Scrapes and we will fix it. Audi driver in Coventry was in need of getting 2 stone chips on his Audi rear arch repaired. Mobile car body…

Areas Covered – Blaby

People often ask where we travel to when carrying out our bumper scuff repairs. One of our areas is the whole of the Blaby District Council So that includes Blaby Countesthorpe Whetstone Cosby Croft Stoney Stanton Braunstone Kirby Muxloe Glenfield Plus many more besides And of course we still cover the whole of Leicestershire and…

Mercedes Bumper Scuff In Lutterworth

A Mercedes A Class had picked up a scratch and a scuff and was in need of our mobile car paint Smart repair service We were happy to visit the customer in Lutterworth to carry out the repair So if you have a scuff or scratch or even a scrape then please call    …

BMW Scratch Repair

BMW owner had slightly misjudged the length of his car when he lowered his garage door and managed to scratch the paint on the front bumper. Having used Dire Scrapes before he knew that a quick call was all that was needed to get us booked in for a paint repair Sure enough we visited…

Yes We Repair Bumper Scuffs

A red faced motorist asked us if we could fix a paint scuff on his Range Rover bumper in Whetstone the other day. Why red Faced? Because he had caused the damage himself by reversing his other car into it!!! No problem though We went to his place of work and had the car restored…

Smart Repair In Lutterworth

Paint damage on your car? Live in Lutterworth? Car scrape? Live in Dunton Bassett? Car paint scratched? Live in Broughton Astley? Then call Dire Scrapes Mobile car paint repair specialists In your area Now

Jaguar Bumper Scuff Paint Repair

Paint damage Paint damage Paint Damage Jaguar F-Pace picked up a bumper scuff Paint solution? Call Dire Scrapes Our mobile smart paint repair van came out to the customer’s house and carried out a fast and well priced repair Smiles all round So if you have any cosmetic paint damage on your car then please…

Sunshine Skoda Scuff Success In Hinckley

A glorious day on Friday found us in Hinckley repairing a bumper scuff on a Skoda Octavia There are quite a few edges and angles on the Skoda and it seemed like every one of them had managed to pick up some damage. No problem though Our highly experienced Smart repair technician was able to…

Smart Mobile Car Body Repairs Coalville

Got a bumper scuff? Need a scratch fixing? Scraped a wheel arch? Live in Coalville? Or Ashby? We have one of our smart repair vans local to your area. So give us a call and we will carry out a paint repair for your paintwork damage at your home or work at a friendly price

Audi Paint Repair – Car Damage Repair In Leicester

Driver of Audi Q3 caught her sill on a high kerb. She had spoke to her Smart Insurance company who surprisingly were not interested in repairing it. So she did the sensible thing instead and called Dire Scrapes We came out on a saturday morning and carried out a good repair in next to no…

Scrape and Scuff Repair In Leicestershire

Being a mobile paint repair company in Leicestershire means that we get about quite a bit. One day we will be in Leicester The next Hinckley And after that? Well it could be …. Lutterworth Loughborough Rugby Nuneaton Coalville Ashby or anywhere else around the area So if you have a scuff, scratch or scrape…

Leicester, Hinckley, Nuneaton, Lutterworth – scuff repairs

Leicester, Hinckley, Nuneaton, Lutterworth – these are just some of the places we carry out scuff repairs, scratch repairs and scrape repairs. Today is was a scuff on a door mirror in Broughton Astley that needed fixing. It’s not all about sending those chips away – it’s more about mobile paint repairs – or smart…

Super Car Scuff Soon Seen Off

Big or small a scuff on the bumper can still be annoying So when the proud owner of a Maserati took the tiniest bit of paint off the edge of the rear bumper against the garage door frame he knew it was time to call Dire Scrapes. We called round to his house and returned…

Vauxhall Astra Bumper Repair In Nuneaton And Hinckley

Another successful bumper scrape repair carried out in Hinckley and Nuneaton today The customer knew that Dire Scrapes would be able to repair the damaged paintwork on his car. And that is exactly what we did. We sent those chips away and re-painted the damaged area Call Dire Scrapes today and find out how we…

Bumper Scuff Repairs In Hinckley And Nuneaton

The Fiat 500 may only be a small car but it still picks up its fair share of bumper scuffs that need our services. That’s why our mobile car paint repair service comes into it’s own. One call to us is usually enough to get you booked in for a visit from one of our…

Kia Bumper Scuff Repair In Coalville, Leicester

Kia’s do come with a nice long manufacturers paint warranty Unfortunately, if you drag the bumper along your garage gate post then the damage is not covered. A quick call to Dire Scrapes though will get you sorted. We come to your house Repair your bumper scuff And leave you with a happy car

Leicester Car Body Repair

Leicester Car Body Repair Getting your bumper scuff, scratches or scrapes repaired is easy. Just give Dire Scrapes a call We are the best in Leicestershire at SMART repairs We come to your house or place of work and carry out a fast repair on your paintwork All at a great price Call us today…

Rear Bumper Paint Repair In Leicester

It’s not all about smashes and bangs Sometimes it is just the constant wear and tear of daily life that can leave your car looking tires and tatty Rear bumpers are especially prone to this as whey you are constantly lifting things in and out of your boot it is so easy to pick up…

Bumper scuffs bumper scuffs bumper scuffs – repairing them is what we do

All day every day we are out and about in Leicester and Leicestershire performing bumper scuff repairs. As we are mobile we come to your home, your work or indeed pretty much anywhere you want to fix your paint damage We send your chips away We carry out your auto refurb We look after your…

VW Golf Paint Repair

A local lady took her VW Golf to her nearby tyre fitters and was surprised to find they had somehow managed to take a chunk of meta;l out of the edge of the front wheel arch No drama though A quick call to Dire Scrapes and we were on our way to her home to…

Dire Scrapes – Mobile Bumper Repair On Fiesta

When a kerb stone jumps out and attacks your car there is normally only one winner. This Ford Fiesta owner found out that it is always The Kerb who wins. Scrapes on the bottom of his front bumper resulted. A quick google search later and we were booked in for a visit at his work…

Leicester bodywork repair

When a lady returned to her car after having some work done at her local tyre fitters she was surprised to find they had somehow taken a chunk of metal out from the edge of the wheel arch.A quick word with the manager resulted in a call to us and we soon had a visit…

Jaguar bumper scuff in Leicester

Yesterday we were out repairing a bumper scuff on a Jaguar. The owner had left his car in a supermarket car park and whilst he was off shopping someone had damaged his bumper. Needless to say that no note had been left. Happy to say though that we were able to ease his pain a…

Smart Repair Leicester – Honda Jazz Bumper Scuff Repair

It was sunglasses at the ready when we were called out to repair a bumper scuff in Leicester on a very bright green Honda Jazz. The scratch was curtesy of a very unforgiving wall. We were able to perform a nice smart repair on the car to restore the Jazz to it’s very best Got…

Scratch Repair Leicester – Mazda Smart Repair

A Mazda MX-5 had somehow picked up a nasty scratch on the rear end. Although a nice shade of orange we knew that it could sometimes be a tricky colour to match – this we know from having seen plenty of cars on the road in this colour with badly matched repairs. No drama though…

Mobile Paint Repair Leicester – Mercedes Bumper Scuff

Not all our bumper scuff repairs involve lots of damage. Sometimes just a little light grazing is enough to ruin the look of your pride and joy Yesterday we were asked to repair a bumper on a Mercedes that had only picked up some minor damage but it still needed to have a paint repair…

Audi Paint Repair Leicester

Audi paint repair Leicester A nasty little dent in an Audi A1 front wing needed our attention. Not too sure what had caused the damage but whatever it was it had created a very sharp, deep dent on the edge of the wing along with a scuff on the bumper below. Happy that the colour…

Smart Repair Loughborough, Leicester

We were called out by an Alfa owner to repair damage on his wheel arch and bumper. On close inspection we soon saw that the area had suffered before and was already containing some filler. This adds a few extra issues to our task as it is never as easy to work on a car…

Mobile Car Paint Repair In Leicester – Subaru Impreza

Mobile Car Paint Repair In Leicester – Subaru Impreza The proud owner of this Impreza was troubled because of stone chips on the bonnet scoop. So as he wanted these chips away completely and not simply touched up he called us in to repair and repaint the whole piece. It almost goes without saying that…

Bumper Repair Leicester

Bumper repair in Leicester A small scuff on a bumper corner was our mission yesterday The proud owner of a Hyundai Santa Fe had gone shopping in Hinckley but being unfamiliar with the car park he misjudged the space and clipped the offside corner of his front bumper on a low wall. No problem though…

Ford Bumper Scuff Repair – Leicestershire

They say that Fords are good at corners. We at Dire Scrapes are too. So when a careful owner returned to his pride and joy in an Asda car park he was most upset to discover that somebody had scuffed his bumper and driven away. Having received two separate recommendations to call Dire Scrapes he…

Mobile Bumper Repair Leicester

There may be a bit of a nip in the air at the moment but that does not stop the vans of Dire Scrapes from travelling around Leicestershire repairing the damage on your cars. Bumper scuffs Scratches Chips Scrapes We will take on all of these and repair them for you – making your car…

VW Golf Bumper Scratch Repair In Leicester

A lot of people enjoy a spot of golf on a Saturday morning and we at Dire Scrapes are no different so when a customer asked if we could fix the scratch on his VW Golf bumper we were only too happy to oblige. Travelling across Leicester to reach his place of work was no…

BMW Bumper Scuff – Hinckley

Not all scuffs and scrapes have to be horrendous to need a repair. This BMW owner had picked up a small graze on the front bumper but knew that if he handed back his lease car with the damage still there then he would be hit with a large bill. Thankfully he called us here…

Scratch Repair In Leicestershire

Scratch Repair Coalville, Leicestershire Yesterday we were tasked with repairing a Honda Jazz rear door that had acquired a ‘key scratch’ through it We took a look at it and was happy that the colour match would not be a problem so got stuck in immediately. Just 90 minutes later we packed up our gear…

Land Rover Paint Repair In Rothley Leicester

Today found us repairing a Land Rover in Rothley, Leicester. The owner had caught the tailgate spoiler on his raised garage door and put a few nasty scratches into the paintwork So with the aid of a step ladder and our usual ‘box of tricks’ we scaled the heights and rescued the situation

Small Scratch Repair In Leicester

A small scratch may sometimes appear to be hardly worth the effort of getting repaired. However, for Lease Contract drivers this could be a very expensive mistake. Send your vehicle back at the end of your Contract Term and even a scuff on a bumper that may only measure a few centimetres may well result…

Wheel Arch Repair In Rothley Leicestershire

Wheel arch repair was the name of the game today. Our customer had managed to scuff her car against a post and put some deep scratches into the plastic. An urgent repair was called for as she was heading off on a driving adventure in the next couple of days so needed us to help…

Scratch Repair On Kia In Lutterworth

A small but nasty scratch on a rear panel of a Kia was in need of our talents. As if the scratch itself wasn’t bad enough it was compounded by the small dent that came with it. The owner was not too happy as he does not know who caused the damage but thankfully we…

Bumper Scuff Leicester

A bumper scuff on a Mercedes in Leicester was causing a little bit of panic for the customer. Why? Because it’s a lease car coming to the end of contract and as such was in line for a hefty bill if returned with the damage on it. That is why Dire Scrapes needed to be…

Leicester Bumper Scuff Repaired

A local Leicester man picked up a bumper scuff when he lost out in a battle with a wall. Thankfully he found the number for dire scrapes, called us out and an hour and a half later all was repaired. He was also pleasantly surprised when we presented him with the bill as a bodyshop…

Mercedes Bumper Scuff Repair In Hinckley

A Mercedes bumper scuff in Hinckley was on the agenda this morning. The customer had caught his car on the gate post and put some deep scratches into the plastic. He had tried to touch up the area with a paint stick but it didn’t really do the job So acting upon a recommendation from…

Where do I find mobile paint repair in Leicester

Where do I find mobile paint repair in Leicester?   Well, look no further than Dire Scrapes, we will visit your home or office for a high quality repair

Mobile Bumper scuff repair Leicester

Mobile Bumper scuff repair Leicester Sometimes a trip to the shops turns out more expensive than you expect. This is the case for many cars. . Getting an exact colour match is what the Guy is about, so there was no problem getting that right, but have a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.…

Car Scratch repair Leicester Not all scratches are created equal.

Car Scratch repair Leicester Not all scratches are created equal. Today we looked at a BMW with key scratches along 4 panels that the owner had been quoted £3000 pounds by his main dealer to repair. Sadly it was more than we were able to take on but we did point him in a more…

Bumper scuff repair Leicester on a BMW

bumper scuff repair Leicester A Saturday morning in Oadby, Leicester repairing a rear bumper scuff on a BMW. The owner had come back to his parked car to find that someone had clipped it whilst pulling out of the space behind – needless to say they did not leave their name. He was though delighted…

It’s not just all about the the bumper scuffs

It’s not just all about the the bumper scuffs and the scratches on the paintwork If your vehicle is due to be handed back to the Leasing Company then you can be sure that they will be inspecting the black plastic trims as well. The good news is that we can repair these for you…

How the other half live

Today in Anstey we were treated to a little bit of luxury living. Not only were brought out a cup of steaming hot coffee but the kind hearted customer also brought out a coffee table to put it on. ‘To save you having to bend down” he said. Not a bad way to repair his…

A Smart Repair in Leicester

It’s not all bumper scuffs and scratches in Leicester – sometimes it is door trims that need repairing. Today we had a Ford Focus that a previous owner had tried to paint himself. Not his best moment So the new owner called us in to make all good again